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Hi, I’m Rohan Jain, a photographer turned Marketer, now an Entrepreneur. I like solving problems, building solutions, learning new things, & sharing my knowledge to the community. I belong to a family of business people from New Delhi, so you can say Entrepreneurship is in my blood.

My Work

I’m the founder of ViralHeed Media, which is a digital marketing  branding company for small businesses, founded in 2019 and Cobrat Technologies, which is a manufacturing company. I’m also a life coach, a speaker & the host of The RoCast, which is a self development hindi podcast, where I talk about perspectives & mindset, by me or with someone.


 I realized in my 12th standard, high school, that Academics wasn’t for me, I was rebellious towards following mainstream & for the fact when everyone wanted to pursue masters or do a job after graduation. Sports taught me how to Lead & I found I was comfortable taking on that role.

As a student, all I wanted to do is earn my own living, without relying on my parents for my finances & ultimately make my parents proud.

When did I started my first Business?

I didn’t rush to start a business after my schooling, because as a student I was financially unstable, but also none of my ideas were good enough to bring the impact I wanted. I waited for the right moment & the right people to launch my business.

Early Days in College

When I first engaged with a college in 2017, it was a revelation to me. I had assumed my college life would be academics in university buildings but actually what I met was some very passionate people with a huge knowledge of the real world of business, across both multinationals and also entrepreneurship and enterprises. 

A Word..

I have a word for people who think you need a degree to start a business, that, I don’t have a masters degree or done any professional course, but I think I’m richer for having seen more of the world; I have worked as everything from a freelancer photographer, 9-5 salesman, tutor, and many other small jobs to run errand. I used to run meme & motivational pages, grew them to 100k followers & then sold them. That’s where I learnt basics of Social Media Marketing. YouTube became my mainstream for gaining knowledge.

Even today, I don’t have any certification, but I do have successfully running businesses.


Throughout my journey I realised knowledge, contacts and experience are the priceless things in the field of business. I get most of my inspiration from self help & entrepreneurial books, my favourite authors are Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki & Gary Vaynerchuk.

I believe that the most rewarding part is seeing the way things have evolved over the years. As an entrepreneur I visualise what can result from the clutter that makes the difference.

What’s Next?

I have decided to put my focus on my current business, while learning about new fields & gaining new skills. I’m also learning how stock market & crypto markets work. Besides building a strong community has always been something I’ve been doing & will continue to do by helping more people to declutter their problems.

What I do?


I'm the founder of ViralHeed Media, Cobrat Technologies, RjShots, & more.


I Speak on self-development, business, marketing & Mental health topics.​

Content Writing

I recently started writing Blogs & publishing them on several platforms.


I consult People with their life problems & advice Businesses on growth.​


I'm the host of The RoCast, which is a self development podcast in hindi.​


Wildlife photography is my hobby, & my collections have been listed on various platforms.​

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I'm grateful for what I have, confident in what I believe, & working for what I desire!

- Rohan Jain

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