Why don’t we do what we know we should?


Well, I think it comes down to a simple difference between our Actions vs Intent.

Everyone’s intent is to do good, be great in life & achieve their goals. Don’t you ever wonder, when we read any quote or watch a motivational video, we feel like we already know that information. We all know what we really need to do in our lives.

But how many of us are actually able to match our intent to our actions? Why are we unable to do, what we think we should do? It’s a bit complicated, right?

I think if you’re keeping a difference between your intent & your actions, then my friend you’re already living in contradictions. If things are like that, then you’ll surely say that your life is complex.

I’ve talked about this topic in the latest episode of my Podcast, do check it out here.

Understand it, This whole realisation is soo much important that unless our actions matches our intent, we won’t be able to achieve our desires in life, but we’ll only end up creating complexities in our head.

Why do we actually even complain, if we’re ourselves designing our life with contradictions?

Think it, & focus on things that matter, take actions on things that matter, that actually makes you feel good.

Take control of your day, so that you become the authority over your actions, not your subconscious mind, which is being programmed.

I hope this helps.


Pic Credits: Sarah Anderson

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